Moving On

by LH2020

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this is my first solo record under the name LH2020. it's called "Moving On" because the majority of it was written and recorded while couch hopping all throughout the west coast until finally winding up here in Seattle. the majority of the tracks were recorded using an LG phone and put together using Ableton. all the features are friends of mine who sent me tracks either recorded on their phones as well or done by themselves.


released July 29, 2014

each person involved in making this record is credited on their respective tracks. Album art done by me.



all rights reserved


LH2020 Seattle, Washington

I'm L. LH2020 is my artist name. I prefer neutral or female pronouns. I change gender presentation often and the same can be said artistically. I am too many things. I don't have to choose to be one thing or the other as a musician, as a person, or even as an artistic presence. I make things. Label me if you have to but I can guarantee you'll only ever be half-right. Just the letter L. ... more

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Track Name: Better Off ft. Taylor, Yvette, Jon
Hold your breath and close your eyes
It's a better use of your time
No need to sink down
or even be brought down
They will say what they will say
You're probably better off this way
You need to be okay
you need to be okay

it's your life do it right
it's your life do it right
Track Name: Lonliness ft. Fishtank, Janelle P, Benjamin Brackett
Oh sweet baby, baby
don't you know that you're with me
you can say anything
and i won't go away
Oh sweet baby, baby
don't you know that you're with me
you can say anything
and i won't go away
oh tell me now,
don't you know
that i'll love you so
i'll say it still cause you have to know

it's cool see i'll take care of it
this anxious michael cera shit
afraid of how i might be
to aware to share with therapists
the narrowness of some minds
keeps me stuck in the same place
i'm black and brown on all sides
too much to claim just one race
an acquired taste
not exactly what you're thinking
i'm abolishing these slave thoughts
like my fucking name was lincoln
reframe the situation
break all of my conditions
it's time to fucking let go
and dispel all my traditions
cause it's about time,
yo they no longer serve me
they never really did
and they didn't deserve me
i gave up enough
so don't try to deter me
and no i'm not sick
so stop trying to cure me
see i'm a little different
from what you're probably used to
and that's because of who i am
and because of what i been through
can't guess who i am?
well it's not your fucking problem
but all the things that are?
man, i hope you fucking solve them
Track Name: Fall in Line
I'm still holding on to reason
i've been listening to everything
i hope some day that you will see
what your words have done to me

but it's not my time
to speak my mind
i'll fall in line
at least this time
(at least this time)

See i was hoping that you'd ask me
before you went and changed everything
but i guess that this is not about me
it just means that i'll be lonely

i said goodbye
i don't know why
i lose my mind
every time
(every time)

Now i'm not listening to reason
no i'm not listening to anything
it's all so dumb i can't believe
that you would even try to hurt me

but it's my time
to speak my mind
i'll back rhymes
for every line
(for every line)
Track Name: Gliscor ft. Goliad
watching freaky friday, fuckin' lindsay lohan
then lord of the rings, fuckin' riders of rohan
stupid fucking elves doin' more than i can
can't find shit to watch so i leave it on cspan

never been rich but i always been ugly
fat motherfucker, seein' too much of me
still they want more, like they call me dudley
got so many problems make a therapist love me

yall rockin' real shit while i'm fuckin' with pleather
got more tacky lines than a cosby sweater
it's cold as fuck but i'm hot as hell
and i'm out of smokes and i'm broke- oh well

crazy motherfucker livin' in the cuts
dumb motherfucker trynna get enough
one of these days i'm gonna give it up
like 'oh f'sho. das wussup'

cause i'm having trouble sleeping with lights on
in my brain, my eyes, my hands, my thighs

gettin' coffee drip drip
leave another tip tip
have another sip sip
clean it up then dip dip
feel it on my lip now i'm runnin' on steam
i'm a lil' green reppin' cridius team
i know that yall seen
that little dude's zine
came off a lil mean
and a lil obscene

having trouble sayin' who the eff i is
havin' trouble remembering what the eff i did
or where the eff i hid that one dude's vid
of that big ass squid nah fuck that kid

i try my fucking hardest not to complicate things
but most of the time i just sit here and hate things
i hate how my fucking face and i hate how i can't sing
yall spittin' in impact and i'm fuckin' wit wingdings

the stupidest shit, nobody understands
better tell a joke, fuckin' comic sans
or say something indie like, listen to sufjan
or say something ethnic like, spam rice and jafran

i'm trynna think of what got me stuck
all those years i never gave a fuck
i drank until i could not stand up
like "damn motherfucker is you gon' throw up?"

probably not, you know i did that a lot
i even drove around but i never been caught
why am i sweating when it's not even hot
i'mma give up this rap game and start sellin' pot

I'm having trouble sleeping with the lights on
having trouble sayin' who the eff i is
Track Name: What's Up Lil Pup
What's up, lil pup
i'm so glad to see you
I love you so much
and i'm happy to be near you
and i know that you'll try
to do things your own way
today, i'm by your side
(i'm by your side)
Track Name: Never Left (Your Side)
everyday i do my best
and lay my weary head to rest
i never left your side
i'll put down my stupid fights
to stay up late and talk all night
i never left your side
i'm all alone in how i live
with so much love i have to give
i never left your side
i wish it meant i'd be okay
it hardly seems to feel that way
i never left your side
i wish it meant i'd be okay
it hardly seems to feel that way
i never left your side
Track Name: Going Down
all this shit's going down
as soon as i leave town
can't do a damn thing
don't make a sound cause i'm brown

i hear their closing down brix
because they sucking on dix
well sweet baby jee
i don't get off until six

like a swift kick to this bitch
they looking for a quick fix
by shutting down a business
and leavin' out the queer kids

it's like, damn,
what's a motherfucka gonna do?
all of this ain't nothing new
ain't that what i've been telling you?

it doesn't really matter
cause i'm callin' it quits
giving up on my tits
and i'mma start livin' cis

but patriarchy don't fit
not as good as it did
before i woke up
and started all of this shit

well good god damn
got the world in my hand
livin' life as a man
it ain't nothing but spam, damn

seems uncle sam's got a whole other plan
trynna send me to war?
it's probably good that Iran, man
Track Name: Unsatisfied
how can you say you're ready for anything
and still act so surprised?
you shamelessly blame me for ruining everything
so just realize
you're just full of it
but i can't stay mad 'cause you're so fucking glad
about what you did
(what you did)
la la la oooo lala la ooo lala la ooooooOOOooo

i'm never satisfied
i don't know why
i'm never satisfied by your answer
no, you can't answer to me
no, you can't answer to me
no, you can't answer to me
Track Name: Fearless in Seattle
terror stricken, blood thickened
matter of factly
i'm scared, unprepared
probably overreacting
my armor is tasset
perspective elastic
i thought i was ready
but this lie i can't pass it

what was that you were asking?
this terror is masking
everything i am
i don't remember that last thing
gotta focus my eyes now
and rise now, but hide how
it's killing me tightly
politely inside me

some things i've been missing
wishing you'd sit and listen
split like nuclear fision
while dissing my main mission
yeah, i'd rather be kissing,
but who would ever do that
so instead i'm just missing
a handful of that ass fat

damn gotta spend my holidays alone
but i'm grown, can't cry can't moan
no home or any place i'd call that
jet black, still missing that ass fat

no control, so old that i'm a lost soul
rhymes dead moldy in the compost
being told with sick styles that i stole
dream big, sold souls and went gold
it came from deep inside me
went down, got stuck way in too deep
dear lord, landlord your killin' me
i pray landlord my soul you'll keep
Track Name: Little Mouse (Acoustic)
When i'm with you,
i'm a tiny, little, eager mouse
and you are a lion
and we're talking through the walls of your house

but if you could see
how small i could really be
would you notice, would you care?
would you pick me up and swallow me?

i'm so excited that i'm writing and i can't seem to stop
if my heart had a food chain you would be on top
and if i had my way
i would never be safe from you
yeah if i had my way
i would never be safe from you
but hiding in these walls is all i seem to ever do
Track Name: Titie (outro)
The owls are not what they seem
but nobody knows what i mean
i'm cold and i'm holding it in
i'm old and i'm rolling it thin
i'm tired of feeling like sin
just thinking of things i was in
cut skin to release what's within
i feel really spread thin